Everything we do is geared toward one goal, the success of your people and initiative. 

  1. Organizational change management is why we get up in the morning. It is our focus, our passion, and not a tack on to another line of business.

  2. Pivot is built on decades of success at the individual, work team, and enterprise levels across many industries. We have managed transformations from a few dozen to over 60,000 associates.

  3. We are a "farm to table" organization. We eliminated all "zero value add" roles. You are not paying for layers of people who occasionally "visit" your project. (We're looking at you, Big 5 consulting firms!) Our change processes are lean, focused, and quality-centric. 

  4. Pivot is NOT "strategy only". We roll up our sleeves, learn your processes, know your people, earn their trust, and deliver results. 

  5. Pivot is NOT a temp/placement agency masquerading as a "consulting firm". We are credentialed and we've managed change on the client side as well as consultant side.

  6. We do not work with offshore agencies. We value the expertise of people who have our business culture in their DNA.

  7. We vet every team member for professional skills, change experience, industry knowledge, client focus, consulting acumen, and business conduct to ensure your project is done right.

  8. We don't do "improv" on our clients. Backing up every team member is a proven change methodology, a change mentor, collaborative tools, project oversight, and the highest quality standards.

  9. We live and reflect on our core values: Integrity, productivity, responsibility, transparency, and compassion. 

  10. We don't turn and run immediately after go-live. We are here. We measure the value of your change. And we support our clients' development as change agents.

  11. We are ready, when needed, to pivot. It's who we are.