Changing Organizational Change Management

The single most important element in your transformation innovation is your people. If employees don't understand, don't support, or are not well practiced, they won't embrace and sustain the change.

Preparing employees for change is far more than just “informing”. It’s not just “spraying content and praying they get it.”

We prepare people. We get inside what is changing, the people, the potential barriers, and the organizational culture.

We measure readiness throughout the initiative and we are ready to take action.

We bring a proven methodology, performance metrics, a "capture their hearts and minds" style of communications, and a nimble business model.

The pivot OCM approach is dynamic, focused, and responsive at every point in the process:

Engaging and aligning all stakeholders

Analyzing the environment and desired goal

Learning the business, processes, people, technology and culture

Earning the right to peoples’ attention

Creating solutions that fit

Communicating early and often

Training to impart needed skills

Measuring change readiness and the value gained.

The result is change that sticks – and we have successfully applied our approach in many, many industries.